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We believe in empowering people and businesses to make healthier and wiser choices in a world with increasing risks.

Our Story

At AreaHub, our mission is to provide consumers and businesses with data-rich information and transparency about local hazards to empower them and their communities to lead healthier and wiser lives in a world with increasing natural and environmental risks.

Our database and digital technology give you access to clear and easy to understand information about increasingly common hazards, such as air contamination and storm risk, to improve your ability to make informed choices about where you live, work and play. In a complex world, with a rapidly changing climate and increased environmental risks, our need for information about potential natural and environmental risks and hazards becomes greater every day.

Our co-founders recognized the critical need for clear and accessible information at the local level when they conducted a search for environmental risks in their communities, such as the quality of water sources. To their surprise, they found it frustrating and extremely difficult to find the relevant risk information. As a result, they resolved to build and provide for consumers and businesses an aggregated and easily comprehensible platform, searchable by the location of the selected community, that is dedicated to showing important information about a range of potential local environmental risks and hazards.

The demand from consumers and businesses has never been higher for robust information to incorporate in their daily lives and transactional choices.

The AreaHub information and data science platform is designed to offer you important information about local potential environmental and other hazards in a clear, up-to-date platform, while providing an integrated experience intended to change the accessibility and value of environmental data. In addition, the platform offers risk-related information with an aggregated and synthesized view through various reporting tools and services intended to assist you with your decision-making, planning, or other needs.

We believe this web portal will be a valuable resource to help you better understand the changing environmental landscape and enhance your decision-making for the health and well-being of your family, business and community.

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