Climate and environmental concerns in the top U.S. real estate markets

Over the course of the pandemic, the U.S. housing market has transformed due to increased work flexibility, lack of inventory, rising prices, and properties flying off the market. But homebuyers are not only facing a competitive housing market. In a world with increasing climate and environmental risks, nearly 75% of homebuyers and sellers consider the environment when making the decision to buy or sell a home. 

Homebuyers should be empowered with information to make healthier and wiser choices, which is why AreaHub provides the tools people need to understand the environmental issues they may encounter. From pollution to industrial and infrastructure hazards, extreme weather, and more, people may uncover the impact that environmental hazards can have on health and property values. 

Using the "10 Hottest Housing Markets in 2022" ranking  by Zillow®, AreaHub aggregated environmental issues in these cities across multiple data topics to help people and businesses make more informed choices about the locations on their radar.

In a special report, “Climate and Environmental Concerns in the Top US Real Estate Markets,” AreaHub™ highlights the top environmental hazards for the cities ranked as the most popular real estate markets according to Zillow, including:  

  • 100% have an annual average air quality index of 50 or higher (moderate or worse)

  • 70% contain Superfund sites

  • 100% of the markets contain brownfields

To access the full special report, please

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: AreaHub aggregated environmental issues across multiple data topics for the cities on Zillow’s “10 Hottest Housing Markets in 2022” ranking. Using publicly available datasets provided by credible sources, AreaHub uses a proprietary geospatial algorithm that incorporates data from a variety of accepted third-party sources. The report results depend on location and the availability and accuracy of the data available in a particular region. Some areas have more detailed information than others.