Finding toxic elements in your neighborhood

When selecting a new city or neighborhood to live in, you may consider things like crime statistics, the quality of local schools or the number of restaurants and grocery stores nearby. But do you consider the local climate and pollution risks? An online tool with a new premium version lets you do just that. 

With the free version of AreaHub, users can search any U.S. zip code and find out more about risks in the area that are natural, like earthquakes and hurricanes; and industrial, like pipes in the neighborhood that could burst or contaminated sites that could leak pollutants. The tool also reveals whether an area has a lot of ugly infrastructure that can hurt property values and if the area is prone to poor air quality or could have high radon levels. 

With the premium version, launched this week and available for a fee, users can narrow their search to a street address and access information about more nearby risks like power plants and solid waste landfills. Users can save locations with this version and receive notifications when things change, which can be useful for users tracking risks at a loved one’s home or business owners interested in multiple locations. 

This article was originally published by Inside Climate News as part of their weekly Warming Trends column. AreaHub's feature is under the fourth header, titled "Solutions." For the full article, please visit