5 Home Safety & Emergency Preparedness Gift Ideas

We've put together a list of home safety and natural disaster preparedness gifts for friends and family moving to a new place. These emergency preparedness gift ideas give you peace of mind knowing your loved ones have the essentials they might need in an emergency situation.

Kitty Gifford

Dec 20, 2022 • Updated May 12, 2023 • 5 min read
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5 Home Safety & Emergency Preparedness Gift Ideas#


We've put together a list of home safety and natural disaster preparedness gifts for friends and family moving to a new place! These are highly-rated items for your family and friends to have on hand in an emergency or natural disaster. These emergency preparedness gift ideas also give you peace of mind knowing your loved ones have the essentials they might need in an emergency  situation where they don’t have a lot of time to put something together on their own. 

How we chose#

Weather-related disasters and emergencies can occur anytime, so we selected the following products based on their high ratings, excellent reviews and some of the the American Red Cross' suggestions of  items you need in a survival kit.  You can include many more items in your home safety and preparedness kits, but these are a great place to start. 


1.  First Aid Kits#

First aid kits are essential for minor ailments or injuries at home. They can help you provide basic care until help arrives. It’s a great gift to help your loved ones be prepared to treat minor injuries if they occur.  It’s also something they can easily take on the road, say for a day outing or outdoor experience.


Compact First Aid Kit #

This highly-rated kit with nearly 4,000 reviews on Amazon is designed for family emergency care. It is in a waterproof case and contains 228 pieces of comprehensive first aid treatment.


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Compact First Aid Kit


Comprehensive First Aid Kit #

This Old House selected this kit as the best comprehensive kit. It has over 8,000 reviews on Amazon. The M2 Basics comes in a soft fabric case and contains 300 pieces to keep your loved ones prepared for most common minor injuries or medical emergencies.



2.  Emergency Preparedness Kits#

 These emergency kits contain items that are needed for survival after a disaster. From hurricanes and fires to earthquakes and power outages, the essentials in these emergency preparedness gifts help your loved ones respond to disasters with food, water, and other supplies.


Basic 72-hour Emergency Kit#

The highly-rated Ready America 70380 Emergency Kit can sustain 4 people for 3 days (72 hours). It includes a first aid kit, food, water, survival blankets, and safety light sticks.




Comprehensive Emergency Kits #

 The Sustain Supply Co. Premium Emergency Survival Bag is a highly-rated all-in-one emergency kit containing  enough supplies to sustain 2 people for 3 days. A larger pack is also available that can sustain 4 people.




3.  Water Filters#

Safe, potable water is essential in an emergency. Municipal water lines can be compromised or broken, causing sewage or storm runoff to mix with treated drinking water. Water filters are helpful in these situations to filter out harmful contaminants and make water safe for drinking and cooking.

Countertop Emergency Water Filter#

The Big Berkey gravity-fed water filter can be used on a countertop and removes or dramatically reduces over 200+ typical contaminants that could be present in your tap water or freshwater sources. This freestanding unit requires no electricity, tools, or plumbing. The 2.25 gallon capacity filters water for about 1-4 people each day.



LifeStraw Personal Water Filter - 5 pack #

LifeStraw is a perfect emergency preparedness gift for your family and friends. The LifeStraw personal water filter will provide 1000 gallons (4,000 liters) of safe drinking water without using chemicals or iodine. It removes 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.9% of protozoa and 99.999% of microplastics, dirt, sand, and cloudiness. There is no shelf life, and it can be stored indefinitely, even after use. You cannot store water with this product; you drink from it as it filters from the source (any nearby river or body of water, except seawater or poolwater).

Portable Water Bottle Filter #

 The Epic Nalgene OG water bottle with filter removes 99.99% of tap water impurities. This reusable personal water bottle will please your eco-conscious friends and loved ones.  Replacement filters are available.  This is for personal use only, as it filters smaller amounts of water.


Get replacement Nalgene water bottle filters for everyday or outdoor and disaster preparedness: 

Replacement Everyday Bottle Filter | 4-Month | 75 gal #

The Everyday Filter removes 99.99% of tap water contaminants including lead, heavy metals, trace pharmaceuticals, household VOC’s and organic compounds.

Replacement Filter for Ultimate Outdoor Travel Bottle | 100 Gallon Filter Life #

The Epic Water Filter company says this removes 2000% more contaminants than a standard water bottle filter or water purification tablets for drinking, including bacteria, virus, cysts, lead, chromium 6, PFOA, PFOS, chlorine, fluoride, chloramine, mercury, VOCs, microplastics, and metals.

4.  Portable Solar Charger, Power Station, and Solar Panel#

 Portable solar chargers, power stations and solar panels enable you to keep your batteries, USB-powered devices, and other electronics charged and running in an emergency. The devices are also invaluable when power surges or severe weather causes widespread outages. A portable solar charger can power your device in real time when the sun is shining. You could also use them to charge a portable battery pack or power station for use at night or when there is not enough sunlight. Remember that charging with solar takes longer than a traditional wall charger. Solar panels charge most effectively in direct sunlight.

Portable Solar Charger#

BigBlue 3 USB-A 28W portable solar charger #

With nearly 6,000 reviews the BigBlue 3 USB-A 28W portable solar charger can help your loved ones stay connected in an emergency. The highly efficient solar panel, for most small gadgets and phones, can charge multiple devices at once. Good Housekeeping found in their tests that 30 minutes of full sunlight could charge a drained iPhone XR to 27% with the BigBlue 3 Solar Charger. Note: This item does not store electricity.

Portable Power Station#

Rockpals 300W Portable Power Station #

This is a quiet, gas-free, source of power supply. With this portable battery, you will be able to cover all of your camping needs as well as power outages and other emergencies (especially hurricanes). It can be recharged from the sun with any compatible solar panel (sold separately). This battery pack can be fully charged in about 6-7 hours by being plugged into an AC wall outlet. And, it can also be charged by plugging into your car's 12V charger, or a USB C PD Port. The power station can charge larger devices and electronics such as laptops, fans, TVs, lights and CPAP machines.

Portable Solar Panel#

Add a solar panel to make your Rockpals 300W Portable Power Station even more versatile!

Rockpals Foldable 120W Solar Panel for a portable power station #

This is compatible with most solar generator/portable power stations on the market. In full sun, this 120W solar panel can charge the above 300W portable power station in  about 4 hours. The solar panel is IP65 waterproof. You can also use this for backup power for phones, tablets and other USB-charged devices in direct sunlight. Note: This item does not store electricity.

Save money with this bundle: 

Rockpals 300W Portable Power Station and 120W Solar Panel Charger Bundle #


5.  Flashlights & Batteries#

GearLight TAC LED Flashlight 2-Pack #

This is a zoomable tactical flashlight with high lumens and 3 modes for everyday, outdoor & emergency use. It is compact, durable, and runs for 10 hours in low mode on 3 AAA batteries.

Black Diamond ReVolt 350 #

A useful hands-free headlamp with a long 200 hour life in low mode. This low-profile waterproof design runs on micro-USB rechargeable batteries (included) or three standard disposable AAA batteries. It features night vision, flood, and spot modes. 

Don’t forget batteries!

These Eneloop batteries are pre-charged at the factory using solar power and maintain up to 70% of their charge after 10 years.

Panasonic Eneloop AA Rechargeable Batteries #

Panasonic Eneloop AAA Rechargeable Batteries#

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What do you need in a survival kit?

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